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Welcome to Zpark!
Moa Szybalsky Hjalmarstål is our new
Digital Marketing Specialist 

Photo by Tomas Bergman

Not to jinx it but we are on a roll! During 2022 we have recruited 20 people and we are currently looking for 10 more new colleagues (psst! check out our careers page) And as a part of this recruitment offensive we struck gold and found Moa Szybalsky Hjalmarstål and hired her as our new Digital Marketing Specialist on the spot.

Before joining Zpark she most recently worked at Tromb as a Digital Marketer for all of the companies within the Spin Growth group – such as Tromb, Substorm and Cloudspin. During her time at Tromb she also was a key player in the marketing for Bodens Energi so we knew she would be a great fit.  


 I’m convinced that Moa will add new perspectives, make us rethink and be more focused around the way we market ourselves and, by doing so, reassure that our communication elevates both in quality and quantity. This will enable us to grow even faster, #EVenbetter, both in Sweden and on our upcoming ventures into new markets. My vision simply is that Moa will, with her creativity and strategic experience, make us way more visible. We’ve fallowed her work with Tromb, Bodens Energi and BnearIT from a far so we where thrilled that she was as curious about us as we were about her.

–Jan Abrahamsson

A decade of love for tech  

Moa was recruited straight out of Berghs School of Communication to, the then newly started, production company Bannerboy where she quickly became in charge for big accounts like KLM and MTG. 


– When I started at Bannerboy ten years ago we where five people that rented a single office at Östermalm in Stockholm. Today you can find Bannerboy in Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles as well. I’m incredibly proud over the journey Erik and Erik has made with Bannerboy – and I will never stop loving a good banner! Moa says with a smile.

– I thrive in start-up  contexts overall. I've had the pleasure of being there both when Vice relaunched in the Nordics in 2011 and during the time Acne Productions stablished their Berlin office - during my time at Berghs. It’s something magical about that energy in the air that comes as a result of knowing that your “on to something great” that I love. And it was that particular energy that turned me on to Zpark, she says. 


With her sights set on a more sustainable future. 

Since her move from her native Stockholm to Luleå in 2013 she has worked with local companies both in Luleå and Piteå - like Brightnest (then called meraevent) Oh My, Norrbottensmusiken and Yours before going into tech and joining Tromb. She was also the driving force behind the rebranding of Sunderby folkhögskola where she acted as Head of Marketing Communication until 2018.  

f you just take a quick look at my resume it’s easy to assume that I prefer to come in as a catalyst on shorter employment contracts – like do my thing and then simply move on to the next one. That assumption would not totally be wrong but the last few years I’ve really longed for a more  long term and strategically heavy position. I wanted to be somewhere long enough to make that five year plan. To be able to point to the future and say “in five years we will be a key player up there.” I really do believe in what Zpark is selling so to speak and I already think they’ve acted as front runners in how we should take on the very urgent need for a faster green transition.

–Moa Szybalsky Hjalmarstål  


CEO Jan Abrahamson continues,  


– We want to build and sell the world's best products and services within the field of eMobilty and energy – and to do so we need high class communication. Moa has a unique and very senior competence andwith that  a wide experience from communication that really does not come by often in this part of Sweden. And I'm positive that is exactly what we need to accelerate and secure our growth.  

Full name Moa Charlotta Karma Szybalsky Hjalmarstål

Age (soon) 36

Lives Svartöstaden in Luleå

Fun fact For someone working with vehicle charging it might surprise

some people that got I my drivers licence at 35

Three most used emojis 🤷🏻❤️😂

Gets energy from Dancing!




Some final words från our CEO,

When this is written we at Zpark have 6000 charging stations sold all over Sweden. Since the very beginning all of our production has been in house, and that is something I 'm very proud of. 

The fact that we develop both hardware and software in-house makes us unique within eMobilty on the nordic market. This also allows us to be more flexible and cost effective when it comes to our hardware and how we manage to, in a very agile way, solve our costumers challenges through our software platform Smart Zpark.  A platform that, in itself, creates new ways to make a profit and find new business solutions within this particular field.  


Moa Szybalsky Hjalmarstål

Marketing & Press

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