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What does the different indicator colors mean?

White – Unit is ready for use

Blue – Charging cable connected

Green – Vehicle is charging

Yellow – Overcurrent. Your car or device draws too much power. Lower it and try again.

Red – Error detected and unit needs to be restarted with the power switch

Uncertain device connection

This means that the communication quality between your Zpark Duo and the Zpark gateway is low. This may be due to current radio traffic in your area. As soon as connection with your unit can be established it will receive your last commands. If the problem remains and your device is unresponsive please contact site support

When does my engine heater start?

This depends on the setting of the site. This is either a fixed time (default 90 minutes) or if it is temperature controlled it depends on the temperature. Above 15 degrees the engine heater will not start and at -15 celsius it will start 90 minutes before departure time

Why does my charging power vary?

Zpark comes with automatic load balancing. Depending on current usage of the site the unit will balance the power to avoid overloading the local grid

Is Zpark CE marked?

Yes, all products from Zpark have CE marking and can also provide certificates regarding EMC class.

Does my electric car cable fit the Zpark charger?

Yes, the power sockets in a Zpark DUO or Zpark DUO Tower comply with the EU standard type 2.

Can my phone use the Zpark app?

The phone needs to have iOS 11 or newer, alternatively Android 8 or newer

Can I use Zpark without a phone?

Yes, contact whoever administers your parking lot for activation and adjustment of your space (such as always-on mode and scheduling)

Does my location need to be activated with a QR code every time I use it?

As a rule, you only need to activate your location with QR code one (1) time on your device..

Who is the administrator of my location?

It is the facility owner's and administrator's task to ensure that this information is available.

Suggested contacts: Parking manager, deputy warden, property owner, board of BRFs, etc..

Can I charge and heat at the same time?

Your location can have 1 feature active at a time. You can plug your car into both sockets, schedule a time for engine heating and activate electric car charging. In this way, you can charge and warm up your car before the next drive.

I can't log into the app!

1. Check that you received a verification code via SMS.
2. If you have a verification code, fill it in again.
3. Make sure the app is updated on either the App Store or Google Play

If the above does not work, you need to reinstall the App via the App Store or Google Play.

I'm not getting a verification code!

Contact our Support and submit a case and we will make sure you receive an SMS with the verification code shortly.

The app asks for an access code when I try to enter a Zpark location

The parking manager or the board must give you an access code to be able to add your parking lot in the app and thus avoid illegal use.

Zpark unfortunately cannot issue this code directly to you, for example if the code is forgotten or lost. Contact your parking manager or the board for further assistance.

How to connect two phones to a Zpark?

1. If a person has already connected to a Zpark, ask that person to share the latest code they received via SMS.
2. To be able to fill in the code, you need to log out of the app.
3. Fill then in the eight character SMS code you received.
4. Both phones will now be able to control the Zpark device.

Currently there is no possibility to log in with two different accounts and control a Zpark device.

It takes a while before a function is activated

The parking space needs a few seconds to activate charging or heating. When restarting, additional time may be added. In the event of a longer wait, contact our support.

The light in my Zpark is off and the sockets are not working

1. Make sure the main fuse is flipped up
2. Do you get error messages in the app?
3. Contact our support

What happens if I restart a device with the main fuse?

A rebooted Zpark device needs at least 5 minutes to become active again after a reboot. Active charging and heating sessions are restarted and run again as soon as the device is active again.

My Zpark unit has a red symbol and is crossed out in the app

This means you have no connected unit. Connect to a unit by following the ”Get Started with Zpark Steps”.

I can't charge the car/the engine heater doesn't work

Contact our Support.

Zpark Support restarts the device remotely and reconnects when complete. If the unit needs troubleshooting, Zpark will pass the case on to your facility owner or parking manager.

Why did you remove the function Alltid på/Always On?

The function Alltid På/Always On can only be set to units in Private or Flexible space mode. This is to ensure that no unauthorized person can use a space.

We recommend that you contact the administrator of the parking space so that he can set your space to Private or Flexible. You can then use the Always On function.

Does Zpark measure my energy consumption?

Yes, from every Zpark connected location you use.

Why do I see that electricity has been consumed even when charging the car is complete?

The charger does not know when the car is fully charged. It is the car itself that decides how much or how long it wants to charge.

The consumption summary is done either when you finish charging in the app or when you pull out the cord. This means that the consumption in the app is shown afterwards if you have charged overnight or have the car plugged in for a longer period of time.

My car has not charged as much as expected?

It is likely that Zpark's load balancer has adapted the charge according to the property's and the car park's total load on the various fuses. This may result in less charging during periods of high load.

Recurring problems? Contact our support

Can someone take over my device while I'm using it??


My device has been replaced and I can't start the new device

Each unit and parking lot has a unique QR code.

1. Remove the old unit registered in ”My Zparks”
2. Scan the new code instead with the associated access code.

How does debiting work??

The charge for your consumption will be on your rental agreement as agreed with the owner of the parking lot.

For places with direct payment, you register your debit or credit card with BankID and are then charged via Stripe for your consumption.

Can you pay by invoice in a unit with direct payment?

No, units with direct payment currently require payment by debit or credit card.

I accidentally entered the wrong social security number

You can change your social security number by going to Pay under settings in the app. Press + and the back button until you see the box where you can enter your social security number.

We are thankful for all reports regarding disturbances  that are unknow to us.

Weekdays 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Phone: +46 920 46 80 80 
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