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Hi Stockholm and hi Jonathan!

With 600 charging stations in place all around Stockholm – now we continue our expansion in the south of Sweden. And we just got the keys to our new Stockholm office!


Today Stockholm is our largest market and since we see no sign of a saturation on that market any time soon it feels very natural that we also increase our physical presence down south.  

–Jan Abrahamsson, CEO  



In place at Birger Jarlsgatan 

In the beginning of August we moved into our new spaces at Norrsken House at Birger Jarlsgatan. 


– Norrsken House was an easy choice for us as a result of the overall vibe, network possibilities and its location in the middle of Stockholm city. We really appreciate that Norrsken, as a market player, prioritizes to work with companies that can make an impact on society. That plays very well with our DNA. 

First in place 

First in place is our semi-newly recruited Head of Product Jonathan Jönsson.  

Hi and welcome Jonathan, how are things? 

– It's all good, thank you for asking.  

Tell us, you left Scania for Zpark in March this year, what won you over? 

– I chose to join Zpark Energy Systems to get the opportunity to work closer to the charging side of the electrified transport system. The element of charging is often the part that ends up being the "bottleneck" that slows down how fast we can transform the transport sector to sustainable energy. The tech-heavy approach to new products attracted me as well – together with the opportunity to develop charging solutions for both light and heavy duty vehicles. 


– To summarize,  it feels great to be here at Zpark and develop new and innovative products that will make it easier for both private and commercial actors to make the transition to electric transport.


CEO Jan Abrahamsson chimes in  

– Jonathan really is a dream recruitment for a start up like us. He has a completely unique experience within the eMobility field, both from a technical and a business development perspective. I'm convinced he will be a key player in our development of new products and services and I'm excited to see how we, together, will keep making energy solutions and eMobility both smarter and more accessible. 

Swing by and meet Jonathan for a coffee!


Jonathan Jönsson

Head of Product

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